Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Music as an effective brain training

Who would know that playing musical instruments serves as effective brain training and its benefits extends even to those without prior musical background? Basically, regular musical training helps in reconstructing the gray matter of the brain that is in charge of coordination. 

The success lies in the findings derived from two separate studies conducted by the University Hospital San Raffaele, where in the first study showed that there was a dramatic increase in the participants ‘motor skills after going through a 2 week training on a piano keyboard for 35 minutes per session. Furthermore, the participants also demonstrated harmonization in manual dexterity. In the second study, the researchers divided the musically inexperienced participants into 3 groups and their task is to use their right hand t play a particular sequence as they follow a metronome.  The first group listened to a metronome while the second group listened to a different piece but with the same rhythm, while as for the third group, they listened to music with a faster rhythm while trying to play the piece assigned.

 Results showed that the harder the task, the more changes to the brain’s gray matter.  The two studies provide evidences that ambidextrous trainings develop better coordination of the two brain hemispheres.

Professor Massimo Filippi concluded that the gray matter’s structural plasticity can be greatly developed through musical stimulation. The said study also provided great support for the latest research on brain’s neuroplasticity or the brain’s ability to reconstructs itself. 

Basically, with repeated use of certain brain areas, better interconnection develops as it gathers resources from those less used. 

Written by: K.J. Tomo
 BrainFit Studio Philippines

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